Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flashcard Sites and Google Gadgets

Lately our student teacher has been teaching a lot of vocabulary, which reminded me of several sites for flashcards and of Google Gadgets that can be used to review vocabulary.

Here are some flashcard sites:

Inside Story Flashcards - Stunning pictures, audio of each word, and short definitions all make this online vocabulary flashcard site visually stimulating and interesting. As a bonus, you can print all cards. Choose from basic, easy, medium, or hard levels of vocabulary to find and listen to words. Definitions can also be turned off for practice with word recall or guessing what the image represents.

Flash Card Friends - 

Quizlet- one of my favorite flashcard sites!  Here is a video:

I also wrote about two other vocabulary sites in this past post; Easy Define and Word Stash.

And then there's Google Gadgets!  

make your own flashcards freeThe site Make Use Of has a great tutorial on how to use the Flashcard Gadget in Google Docs to create an interactive gadget to study vocabulary.  

Last summer I wrote a post about Google Gadgets with a video tutorial on how to embed the gadget into any website or blog.

Whether you're teaching reading, science, social studies, or math; almost every academic area has vocabulary to learn.  Enjoy using these sites with your students.


Gabrielle Morrison said...

Thanks for the great ideas!

rags6 said...

Thank you so much!