Friday, February 16, 2018

Links and Loves

Wow - February is just flying by!

In case you haven't heard this lately,
"Thank you for your dedication to teaching and to the education profession".

Here are a few highlights from my week.

This video is helpful when working with students on proper citations.  And this site is helpful for teaching about plagiarism.

If you teach History, Civics or Media Literacy, you might want to check out the site NewseumED.  You will find flexible lesson plans, downloadable primary source documents and videos to support your instruction.

Quiznetic looks like a site I should explore for game-based learning.  Here is an explanation from the site:

"Quiznetic takes gamification to a whole new level. With the style of a traditional board game, this is the ultimate gamified learning experience. Make a set of questions and build your own themed revision game for students to race each other round whatever kind of track you can imagine. Students join the game on their own devices and have to answer questions to move their player on the game screen. Display the game on a Smart Board at the front of the class so everyone can see where their player is in real-time. Students can answer the questions using laptops, tablets or phones!"

Happy Friday Everyone! Spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy creating the memories.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Links and Loves

Hi! How was your week? I’m feeling great now that there is a bit more daylight each day according to this daylight calculator.

Have you tried the online version of Popplet? It’s so visually appealing and easy to use for creating a concept map. I love it!

The site looks amazing for sharing links in a newsletter, web page or email. And there is a Chrome extension for easily adding links to your page.

Mind’s Eye looks like a pre-reading strategy I would like to try with students.

Sometimes I get distracted when I visit sites like this or this. I guess you could say that sI am somewhat of a visual person.

Curricular Connection:

Creating diagrams on Quizlet is simple. Upload an image and add your annotations.
Check out the gallery to see examples.
Click here to try a Quizlet Diagram on European Countries.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Links and Loves

February is here!

This week I have been super busy with so many wonderful classroom experiences, projects and opportunities.

On Saturday (tomorrow Feb 3rd) I am presenting a webinar called, Game-Based Learning with Google through SimpleK12.  The webinar is free and you can register here.  You attend the webinar from the comfort of your home and only need a computer to join.

We’re going to be starting a Podcast with Peers in our school to promote discussions about teaching, learning and pedagogy. The first podcast will be from Cult of Pedagogy. I’m super excited to share podcasts with others.

Speaking of sharing, did you read my post “When Teachers Share”?

I was recently reminded of this concept creation site by a fellow educator. is easy to use and is free. Students can create concept maps quickly and simply.

Happy, happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

When Teachers Share

Teachers Who Share Are The Best Kind of Teachers

I get to work with many different teachers in our school and beyond.  Almost every one of these teachers are passionate, caring and truly want to do what is best for students. It is rare to find a teacher who doesn't fit this description.  

What I've come to realize is that the teachers who share with others are often the most reflective in their practice and have strong pedagogical knowledge.  

Personally I love to share with others. The idea that together we are better is an understatement. Building a culture of sharing with each other is a goal that every school and district should embrace.  

So without further adieu, here are a few ways that teachers can share. 

Social media - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram
These are excellent places for teachers to consume and learn. If you have something to share with other teachers, I highly recommend you tweet, post, pin and capture student learning or showcase students' work through social media. 

Start a blog or podcast - or contribute to someone else's

Over the years, I've read many teacher-produced blogs. They inspire me and keep me current in my practice. EdTech Magazine is a great place to find blogs written by educators for educators.
And if you know me at all, you know that podcasts are my jam. Currently, I am listening to this one and this one and this one.

Upload a Lesson or Resource to the Internet

If you have a great lesson plan and are willing to share it freely, you might consider uploading it to, Share My Lesson or to
Another very popular place to share lesson ideas and resources is Teachers Pay Teachers

Host a webinar - Or Contribute to Someone Else's

Webinars are short web-based seminars. They are a presentation and are sometimes interactive. Participants have the opportunity to join from the comfort of their home and can still ask questions and engage with the presenter.  One service where I go to view and also to present webinars is SimpleK12. They offer free webinars on Saturdays.

Be a Presenter

Whether you present at a local EdCamp, conference or within your district, presenting is one of my favorite ways to share and learn. When teachers present, they are pushing themselves to new heights and stretching their skill set. Presenting can be a bit scary, but the rewards are amazing. People often learn more by presenting than by sitting in the audience because, as we all know:

I hope you will consider sharing with others.  Sharing promotes reflection and learning and makes you a better teacher.  

In appreciation of all of those educators who share with us each and every day.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Links and Loves

How was your week? Mine was very productive and energizing!

We held our first ever North High School Poster Sessions for PD. This idea is one I have envisioned for a while now, and it was a highlight to see my vision come true.
Here  is a promotional video for all of the sessions that were presented by our own North educators and technology coaches.  Kudos to all!

I listened to two podcasts this week. One was titled, “Be a Good Forgiver”.  I LOVED the message from this one. The act of forgiveness in leadership and life makes you a better and stronger person.   If you have just 10 minutes, I highly recommend checking this one out.

The second podcast was titled, “Moving from Feedback to Feedforward”.  The message from this podcast was to change our practice of giving feedback, which is a reflection of the past to giving feedforward, which is a focus on development in the future. I learned a lot from this one and I like this approach.

Curricular Connection

Nearpod - This is an amazing site for making your lessons digital and interactive.
Use any powerpoint, Google presentation or images to get started. Add activities and videos. Students join your lesson with a code. You control the pace of the lesson.

Happy weekend everyone!