Friday, September 22, 2017

Links and Loves

Have you seen this video from Appleton East HS that went viral? Officer Jack Taschner is one class act resource officer. I love the positive energy and fun he brought to the student section.

This week I listened to Chop Wood, Carry Water on Audible. (Thank you for the recommendation Jackie.) This book is read by the author, Joshua Medcalf, and is a story about living life and perseverance. I love that it helped me to reflect on my own life and experiences.  Click here for some of the inspirational quotes from the novel.

Have you heard of the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell?  I listened to a few episodes this week and they are fantastic for a Google Guru like myself. (Thank you Naomi Harm for the recommendation.)

Check out the TI - Innovator Rover Programmable Rover!! This programmable robotic vehicle that drives conceptual curiosity in math, science and coding. (Thanks for sharing Rick.)

Has anyone tried Smart Lab for the Smartboard? Games make learning fun. This is geared toward elementary students. I recommend games for any grade level.

Happy first day of Fall everyone. Enjoy the sunsets, the beauty of the turning leaves and Friday night football games.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Links and Loves

Image Credit

A video from social media - Such a strong message about shutting down the negative noise and focusing on the positive in your life. has a clock interactive that I wish I would have known about sooner.  Click on the three bars to change the settings. Click on the home button to access the other awesome interactives from

Inklewriter looks like a great tool to use with students and writing. The stories are interactive and fictional. Click here to view an example.

I was inspired the the Cool Cat Teachers Podcast (Vicki Davis) called “How Teachers Can Find Time to Innovate”  Basically the message is to Innovate Like a Turtle which I completely am trying to do these days with a full schedule and little free time.

Happy Friday everyone. Make the best of time with family and friends this weekend. My oldest son turned 19 this week. Time flies way too quickly. Enjoy every moment.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Links and Loves

Who will play #TeacherStats with me? Share your results by adding your downloaded image to this Padlet.

Kahoot launches a new collection of math games. I hope that Kahoot doesn’t forget about the literacy, science, tech ed teachers and others out there. More Kahoot collections coming soon?

How To Geek gives us a reminder of how to take screenshots on pretty much any device. I use screenshots all of the time as a technology integrator!

Video: How Do Different Social Media Platforms Affect Your Mood?  You may be surprised by what you hear.  Here are classroom support materials including a student handout. More from Above the Noise.

What I’m listening to on Audible  - not my typical genre, but I'm definitely hooked.

What I’m reading professionally  - I love the Maker Movement as I am a natural "Maker" myself.
Check out the bookshelves I made this past weekend for our home office / spare room.

Happy Friday everyone-

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NEW! Quizlet Diagrams

Quizlet has a new feature!

Quizlet now offers the ability to upload an image and add hot spots to create a Diagram.  Diagrams will be helpful for studying content such as charts, maps, images or models. 

Simply go to Quizlet and log in. Then click on "Browse diagrams". Search diagrams that are available from other users to copy or click on "Create your own diagram" to start one from scratch.

Here is a quick introductory video:

Students can choose from three activities: learn the terms and definitions, practice writing the terms or match the terms and definitions. 

Quizlet is free to use. There is an option to upgrade to a premium account to have access to additional features. 

The free version of Quizlet Diagrams allows the teacher to add up to 8 hot spots on one diagram.

Give the Quizlet Diagram matching activity I have embedded below a try. 

What do you think about this new feature? How might you or your students benefit from Quizlet Diagrams?  I'm looking forward to giving Quizlet Diagrams a try.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Links and Loves

New Weekly Post

I've been thinking about writing a weekly "Links and Loves" post for a while now. Throughout each week, I come across so many inspiring and useful snippets of information from the Internet and the Blogosphere.  I also curate ideas and interests that I'm exploring. These great finds are just too good not to share. 
So, here begins the first of many "Links and Loves". 

Hurricane Harvey's devastation from space - viewed through sliding interactive images. And incredible photos of Hurricane Harvey (that aren’t too graphic to share with your students).

I’ve been listening to the podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz non-stop on my commute to work each day. How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. This podcast is so motivating and intriguing!!

Digital Bellringers - Make the most of the first few minutes
of class when you have your students’ attention. Yep, here are

What I’m working on: Names, Names, Names and more Names. Starting a new school year brings the challenge of learning many, many new names.

Here’s to all of us educators as we head back to school. #YouAreAppreciated!

I hope your weekend is enjoyable,