Buncee Can Be Used in Many Ways - Presentations, Blended Learning or a Student Showcase

Buncee is a Great Site I learned About This Past Summer

If you are an educator I recommend going to edu.buncee.com  This is a free site that allows you to create a slideshow type presentation, but also can be used to blend learning for a lesson or even as a student portfolio or showcase.

Your students will enjoy creating content with Buncee as well.

When you first open a Buncee you are able to choose a background  from their gallery, from the web or upload an image of your own. Next you can choose from many different types of media to add objects to your page.

Once your page is created you can add additional pages and view your Buncee in preview mode whenever you want.

I love all of the options for adding media to your pages. The animations, drawings, videos, and stickers make your slides visually appealing.

One of the richest types of media you can add is a 360 degree image from Buncee's gallery. These images allow the audience to click and scroll to view an image in 360 degrees. Check out this simple Buncee I made and embedded below.  If you look at the third slide you will see a 360 degree image. Just click where is says click to load panorama.

Here is an example of a Buncee slideshow that I found in the gallery-

Here is an example of a blended lesson using Buncee-

There are so many options for using Buncee in your classroom.   I highly recommend using Buncee as an instructional tool but also as a student creation tool. 


Lisa Larson said…
This would be an excellent tool for geometry. The way it allows animation is beneficial to student attention and engagement as well.

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