Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cube Mayhem, Blip and 100 Floors

My son, Robert, often tells me he has nothing to do.  This is when I present him with a challenge.  Sometimes it's a chore or helping me, and sometimes it's a new game I have found on the Internet or for the iPad.  Recently there have been some really great finds!

Here are three really challenging games for your students to give a try.  They are all logic type games approved by my son, Robert.  

#1 Cube Mayhem - this reminds me of Bloxorz.  

Get the cube from the start to the finish.  There are many different types of buttons to add the each layout.   Thank goodness for the walkthrough (AKA answer key) or Robert would have given up at level 14.

#2 Blip - Another game where you have to move the box from start to finish, but many obstacles get in your way.

Robert thinks Blip would be good for younger kids.  

#3 iPad game 100 Floors - This is by far Robert's favorite.  We sat out on our porch for more than an hour trying to figure out each level of this game.  The idea is to find out how to open the elevator door and move up to the next level.  

What an incredible feeling we had each time we mastered yet another floor.  Robert was really quite proud of his smart thinking!

Robert and I hope you have a chance to share some logic games with your students.  They build intelligence, perseverance and patience. Three qualities I'm thankful Robert is working on!

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