Monday, May 9, 2011

Jog the Web

Jog the Web has been popping up all over the place lately!  Jog the Web is an easy way to share sites with others.  It reminds me a little of Livebinders.  When you are on the Jog the Web site, you can search for Jogs made by other people covering all different types of categories.  I did a search for educational Jogs.  

Here are some examples of educational Jogs created by other people on Jog the Web:

1.  A Jog about Fractions for grades 3-5  (Click here)

2.  A Jog about Electricity and Magnetism  (Click here)

3.  A Jog about Educational Technology Tools  (Click here)

4.  A Jog about Math  (Click here)

 I think Jog the Web is a great place to search for sites related to any topic you'd like.  There are thousands of Jogs available.

You can make a Jog without signing up for an account, but if you want to save your Jogs and edit them later, you need an account.  Signing up for an account requires an email and verification and a password.  I plan to make a Jog this week for Friday Fun.  I'll bet you can hardly wait!


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