Saturday, January 1, 2011

Infographics Are Great Discussion Starters

Have you heard of an infographic? It is a visual graphic of information and they are popping up all over the Internet.  Infographics are interesting to look at and can be great discussion starters for your classroom.  I plan to incorporate infographics into our morning meeting (bell work).  Students will need to read and analyze the information and data presented in the infographic and will need to interpret the data to make conclusions.  They can also compare and contrast data.  Using an infographic students can state opinions and debate a point of view.  I think these neat visuals lead to many higher level thinking skills. 

Take a look.  Here are four infographics I found through a Google search.

#1 2000 Vs. 2010  (Click on the infographic to make it bigger)
Shows the changes in the world over the past decade.

#2 Holiday Waste
Illustrates the amount of waste in the U.S. and has very interesting data on spending.

#3 What is the Web thankful for?
Shows the top 12 items that people are thankful for in their lives.  Before viewing it would be interesting to see what our students are thankful for compared to the infographic.

#4 New Year's Eve: national traditions
Describes the different ways people in other countries celebrate the New Year.  I think Italy has a great tradition and I want to give it a try!

I like this article from Langwitche's Blog about using infographics with students and thinking about how students could create their own infographics.

Want more?  Look here, here, and here for more lists of infographics.


Robin L. Phares said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing these. It believe that many of our state tests have students read and interpret info-graphics. I think I may use some of these as blog discussion posts.
Thanks again,

Anna Dyckels said...

Thanks for sharing! Children today are used to encounter information this way and I think it can be very useful to start topics and dscussions this way.
But... as always when you find thins on the internet, be careful to check facts! I had quite a laugh when reading the infographic "New Year's Eve: national traditions". I'm from Sweden an have never heard of that tradition. I believe my neigbours would be quite upset if I did that!We have fireworks like many other countries. It's an old tradition. Before fireworks were common people used to go out, make a lot of noise scream and perhaps shoot guns to chase the old year away.