Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Resources

I thought I would put together a list of Halloween Resources for you to use with your Smart Board or students.

First is a great site full of clip art, games, puzzles, informational activities, create your own activities, Notebook 10 resources, and sound files.  This site is great for all kinds of Halloween resources.

Next is a neat pumpkin carving site!  I love that this can be done on the Smart board and then when you are done carving, turn out the lights and click "Done".  The pumpkin glows!!!

The last site is really fun.  You can import pictures of people to put their faces on Halloween characters.  You can choose from playing a video or making a photo.  I made a video of our family and embedded it below for you to see.  This was way too much fun!  I could see putting some of your students' pictures into a video for fun!  Be careful, only the things marked FREE are available unless you sign up for a membership.

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