Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comic Strip Creator!

Bitstrips is one of the best online Comic Strip makers I know of. If you plan to have students use this for an assignment, you will first need to give them time to play around with creating characters and all of the fun tools. It is a pretty involved Web 2.0 tool!

If you are looking for a simpler form of a comic strip maker, try this one on the  Read Write Think site.  Our students used this the other day and were able to create a comic strip in under 15 minutes!


Jessi said...

I have seen comic strip makers but this one looks like the best. Kids will love to create on here.

Deb Norton said...

Thanks Jessi.

aronzygo said...

great job!!

In my opinion Pixton, debate365 and toonDo are the best. Pixton and toonDo might be overly complex to use but they offer a lot of features. is not so complicated, it lacks features but has enough to quickly create and share on facebook wall.

Deb Norton said...

Aronzygo, thanks for sharing your best picks for comic strip makers. Debate365 looks really promising!