Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chat with Deb About Flipped Videos

Let's Chat about Flipped Videos!

Creating Flipped Videos:

  • doesn't have to take a long time
  • will benefit your students 
  • can be created in many different ways
  • can include assessments to check student understanding

The Flipped Classroom:
  • uses videos to deliver instruction
  • can be in any format that works for you
  • puts the responsibility of learning the content onto the student
  • lets students work at their own pace
  • gives the teacher more time with students during class
  • allows for more project/activity/work time during class

Are you ready for some other great tools for the Flipped Classroom?

Give these a try!

#1 Teachem  - Add flashcards to any YouTube video.  Helps students to check their understanding as they view your video.

Click here to view an example that I created.

#2 eduCanon -  Add rich questions to a video from YouTube, Teacher Tube or Vimeo.  Also keeps students engaged during the video.

Click here to view an example that I created.  

#3 Lesson Paths  - Formerly Mentor Mob, Lesson Paths lets you create a playlist for students to work through and interact with. Your play list can consist of videos, websites, files, or even a pop quiz.

Click here to view the Lesson Path that I created on microscopes and microworlds.

#4 Blendspace - this is one of my very favorite tools for blending instruction and using Flipped videos.  Blendspace lets you create a canvas of information to share with your students.  The canvas can include websites, files, google searches, and so much more.  One of the nicest features is that you can choose to add your video you created using Educreations on Blendspace.

Click here to view a Blendspace created by a different user.

#5 HapYak - Add layers on top of any YouTube video.  You can include clickable text to link to a web page, multiple choice and free text questions, video chapters that will take you to a certain part of the video, and draw and annotate on top of the video.  Teachers get feedback to measure the success of their video.

Click here to view a sample Hap Yak.

Want even more?  Click here for my collection of tools for the Flipped Classroom.

To join a community of educators and professionals using the Flipped Learning approach, click here. 

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Jacqueline Charapata said...

I am so glad you taught me about flipping videos! I have only flipped them in math, but I plan on doing more in the future! Students are more engaged and can learn at their own pace! Thanks Deb!