Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flippity - Make your own set of attractive flashcards!

Flippity is a new site that allows you to create your own flashcards and then share those flashcards with others.  

To get started go to this website:

Follow the directions on the site:

Sharing can be as easy as sharing the link, printing off the flashcards or use the handy QR code for students to scan.

I created a set of flashcards in just minutes for our students on the vocabulary that we are studying with our literature story this week.  Click here to view my flashcards.

Flippity does have a FAQ page that I found very helpful. One of the nice features of Flippity is the ability to enter a YouTube video.  You can also enter the URL of a picture to put an image on your flashcards.  

My plan is to have my students use Flippity to practice learning French words before our French Adventure students come to visit from Paris.  I would like the students to create the flashcards and then we can share them out with our school.  

I'm sure there are countless ways that this fabulous site can be used in the classroom.

Enjoy Flippity and let me know how you use this site in your classroom.

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