Sunday, August 5, 2012

Google Docs: I'm Getting Smarter; fonts, colors, embedding.

Below I have embedded one of my Google Docs with some really neat fonts.

I can't believe I didn't already know how to add more fonts to my Google Docs.  As I was going through my Google Reader, I read a post on Google Apps Experts blog.  Take a look and see how simple it is to add new fonts.

Isn't that really easy?  I never even noticed "add fonts".  I need to pay better attention!

Would you also like to know how I made a colorful background in my Google Doc?

First click on File and then Page Setup

In Page Setup, click on Page Color and click on any color.

If you don't see a color to your liking, click on custom to get the whole array of possible colors.  Notice that you can also change the orientation, margins and paper size.

And now for the biggest thing I just learned. . . 

When I first tried to embed the above Google Doc into this blog it looked like this:

I was very frustrated that my document was so small.  I tried to adjust the width and height in the embed code, but there wasn't any.  See the embed code below.  Unfortunately, I didn't learn how to code in my master's program, so I'm slowly teaching myself.  

<iframe src=";embedded=true"></iframe>

So I looked to one of my favorite places for help, You Tube!
Thank goodness for Roaming Teacher.  She showed me exactly what to do.

I sure have learned a lot.  I hope this post helped you in some way too.  I especially want to thank Courtney Bell at Google Apps Experts and Roaming Teacher for their help!

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