Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feeling Crafty?

Last week I sewed 30 new chair backs for our classroom.  This involved material, a cutting mat, a sewing machine and thread. Yes, I love DIY projects and enjoy doing something crafty now and then.

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One of my favorite places to find DIY projects is Charity Preston's blog called The Organized Classroom Blog.   I also subscribe to Charity Preston's You Tube channel.  

Check out this video on making colored glue dots:

Classroom DIYRecently I came across another great blog for DIY Projects.  It is called Classroom DIY.   I wasn't surprised to see that Charity Preston is a contributor to this blog among many others.  

Here are some of my favorite posts that inspire me to create things for our  classroom.

#1 - Create Digital Frames

#2 DIY Crate Seats

If you love DIY projects like me and want to get some great ideas, I highly recommend checking out the Classroom DIY blog and adding this site to your Google Reader if you use one.


The Organized Classroom Blog said...

Awwww - thanks so much for the shout-outs! I just came across them. :)

The Organized Classroom Blog

Deb Norton said...

You're welcome, Charity. I love your ideas and all that you share with us.