Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Recently my co-teacher and I had a conversation about how fast I can read.  According to her, I must be a pretty quick reader.  So I put my reading speed to the test.

Spreeder is a free speed reading tool that is supposed to help improve your reading speed and comprehension.

According to the passage on the Spreeder site, we are used to reading only as fast as our inner voice allows us to because we were taught to read as fast as we can speek.  But if we can silence our inner voice, it is possible to read at a much faster pace.

When I gave Speeder a try, I found that I was able to increase my reading speed much higher that the average 300.  I topped out at 510.  

I used the bookmarklet to select text to read with Spreeder on some of the blogs that I follow, and surprisingly, I was quite good at reading and comprehending at a quick rate.  

You can also use the application and copy and paste text into the box on the web page.

I played with the settings and adjusted the speed as well as the chunk size (the number of words that appears at one time).  
There are other settings to adjust as well.

Give Spreeder a try and see if you are able to increase your reading and comprehension.

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