Saturday, May 5, 2012


Have you ever used a bookmarklet?  These are applets added to your browser bookmarks.  Here is a screenshot with some of my bookmarklets:

The bookmarklets I use  most often are (post a web site on Save on Delicious (save a webpage to Delicious), (pin a site to Pinterest), and Sidebar (get a shortened URL for a site).  

To install a bookmarklet, you just need to click and drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar (appears below your URL).  If your bookmark toolbar isn't visible you can check "show bookmarks bar" in your browser settings. 

Here are links to the bookmarklets I use most often:

Delicious bookmarklet bookmarklet

Pinterest bookmarklet Sidebar bookmarklet

Facebook bookmarklet

Twitter bookmarklet

iPadURL bookmarklet

Click here and here to read other posts listing more bookmarklets.

I highly recommend giving bookmarklets a try.  They can be real time savers!

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