Monday, December 5, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers

Have you heard of Teachers Pay Teachers?


This is a site that allows teachers to share digital resources with others.  An account is needed to participate in Teachers pay Teachers (TpT).  You can browse and find resources shared by other teachers, create and sell your resources, or do both.

Personally, I'm not interested in buying resources from others, I've always shared everything I've found or created for free.  

The nice thing is that many people on TpT feel the same and share their resources for free as well.

Here are some nice resources shared for free right now on TpT.

Click here for a Christmas making words and graphing activity. 

Click here for a Christmas word puzzles.

Click here for a Free Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies Ebook from 50 TpT Contributors!

I find most of the freebies on TpT through Pinterest.  Read about Pinterest here.

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