Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Screen Capture with Snipping Tool

This post is about taking a capture of something on your screen.  I decided to share this since recently I made a poster in Poster Maker and tried to email the poster to myself.  The email never came through (Quarantine Summary is my guess).  
My co-teacher tried to have her students make Wordles and when they went to print, the computer would not load the Wordle as an image. 

So I found another way to get my poster and the Wordles onto our computers for printing.


I used the Snipping Tool.  It is already installed on your computer if you have Windows.  I went to the start bar and typed in snipping tool.

Then I clicked on Snipping Tool.  I drew a box around what I wanted to capture on my screen.  Next I saved the picture to my desktop.  

I plan to show my students how to use the snipping tool this week and we will no longer have to worry about not being able to print our Wordles or get our posters on Poster Maker! 

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