Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Edutopia -

Edutopia is a web site that spreads the word about ideal, interactive learning environments.  The site contains best practices, classroom tips, and stories from the field of education.  Edutopia is a wealth of resources for educators.  

Here are some highlights:

1.  Edutopia has a learning style inventory for students (and adults for that matter)
 This is a great way for students to evaluate themselves as a learner.

2.  Edutopia has a vast amount of videos.  They range from project-based learning to authentic assessments to building community through morning meetings.  Edutopia relies on schools and communities to help make these videos authentic.

3.  Edutopia focuses on six core strategies.

 When exploring each of the six core strategies, you will find articles, videos and examples to explore.  I often spend a lot of time in the technology integration section.

Edutopia is one of the most resourceful sites for teachers to find ways to use best practices in their classrooms and to see how schools across the country are incorporating these best practices.  

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