Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Guest Blogger- Stacey Warner

Today I have a guest posting on my blog.  Stacey Warner is going to share a Web 2.0 tool called Story Jumper.  I'd  like to thank Stacey for sharing!

Digital books are a great way to have students share the information that they have learned rather than just reciting a report or filling in the answers to test.  Recently, we used Story Jumper, an online book making site to create books about famous explorers from around the world.  Story Jumper allowed our students to use their creativity in making pages and pictures and that went along with their research information.  Our class also contains special education students and they were able to successfully create a project that was unique and that they could be proud of.   Story Jumper allowed our students to create a variety of backgrounds using the templates provided by the site.  Each student was able to manipulate the figures and backgrounds so that no two projects looked alike.  This site also allowed us to upload our own photos that were taken with a digital camera or even pictures and maps that were found on the internet.  The students had a blast creating these unique works of art while still demonstrating what they learned about the topic of explorers and exploration.  Finally, Story Jumper also gives you the option to have your final product printed and mailed to you.  This would be a great opportunity for any parent to showcase their child’s hard work and talents as an author and a creative student.   - Stacey 

Click here and here and here to view some of our students' explorers projects.
Just a quick note:  Stacey created a classroom edition account which allows a teacher to set up usernames and passwords for each student.  It also allows the teacher access to each student's project.  Story Jumper is free!

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Deb Norton said...

It sure was nice having a guest blogger!