Thursday, April 13, 2017

Let's Start Drawing!

Google Released a New Tool Called AutoDraw

There is a new drawing tool from Google and it is really amazing! 
Draw a sketch of something and AutoDraw will find possible images to turn your sketch into beautifully drawn images. AutoDraw uses artificial intelligence to recognize a drawing and then suggests professionally made images to replace your simple sketch.

Like this!

There are several tools to help make your drawing amazing such as the AutoDraw pencil, a regular pencil, a fill bucket, and a text tool. 

Here is a short video explanation:

AutoDraw works on Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and smart phones. To access AutoDraw just simply use the URL

Here is a little information from the designers of AutoDraw:

Download or share your images with a link and use the side bar (3 lines) menu for additional option.  

How might you use AutoDraw with your students or staff? I'd love to hear all about your ideas. 


dschmidter said...

Deb! This is great! I shared it with my staff right away and they love it! Thank you!

Velvet Holmes said...

I love it! Thanks, Deb!!