Saturday, July 18, 2015

Have You Heard of or Tried These?

I am thinking about ordering a Google Cardboard Viewer.  With the Makerspace movement growing and knowing how much our high school students enjoyed the Makerspaces that we introduced last year, I'm thinking this could be a winner and quite popular with our students. I especially like the fact that there are many  Google Cardboard Apps to download and try with the viewer.  My only concern is that I am known for having motion sickness and would probably suffer through out one of the roller coaster rides.

Who doesn't love earning something for their accomplishments? I really want to try this activity to Gamify Your PD from Alice Keeler. After playing with the Google spreadsheet a bit and practicing with myself as a student, I found it quite easy to use and I really think this could be beneficial to teachers, coaches and students. Bring on the badges!

I am not an artist, however, I do love to doodle and play with words. I'm seriously thinking that I would like to learn how to make Sketchnotes and model this in some classrooms for teachers and students.  I'm pretty sure I could learn from any of these YouTube videos.

My favorite new addiction is  Extensis in Google Fonts. I'm a font person. Your font says a lot about you and I really enjoy playing with new fonts. Again, the sketchnotes and drawing fancy letters is right up my alley. Have you checked out the awesome new choices for fonts in Google Docs? I spent way too much time adding new fonts to my list - it is truly addicting!

Have you tried any of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you have something new to share that others may be interested in?  Let us know.

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