Monday, April 13, 2015


Oh how I love a little competitive fun. Have you ever heard of an App Slam?  It's a friendly sharing of favorite apps followed by a vote to see which app gets the most votes.

Having an App Slam is a great way to have students guide and personalize their own learning and it also incorporates a lot of creative thinking and technology.

Here is how it works:

Students (or teachers) choose an app that they think is a winner.
They then create a demonstration (video, live demo, example or other)

The demo slam 

  • is short (1-3 minutes) in length,
  • highlights the features of the app,
  • demonstrates how to use the app, and
  • ends with the word SLAM.

Here is a Thinglink with some awesome examples of App Slams:


and here is a popular App Slam from two young ladies who are showing how amazing Google Translate is:

So as you can see, the idea is not just to share an app, but to do it creatively and convincingly.

In a classroom or school, teachers could use a tournament bracket creator such as this one to organize the app slam.  For voting on the apps, teachers could use Poll Everywhere or Plickers to collect the student's votes. 

What I love about App Slams is that students demonstrate how an application can be used to help solve a problem or take learning to another level.  

I highly recommend having a friendly App Slam with your students or even between educators to grow awareness of the amazing apps that are out there.

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