Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gamification - My Presentation is Packed with Great Resources

This week I presented a session on Gamification to a group of educators in our district.

This is a very popular topic in education right now and one that I am passionate about.

Here is my presentation:

What is important to remember, that is not written down anywhere in my presentation, but is something I talk about when presenting on Gamification, is that while we can engage students by adding gaming aspects to our lessons and through game-based activities to help teach the content, the true focus should always be on the love of learning and the intrinsic rewards that come with it.

Never should the focus be solely on extrinsic rewards and motivation, although they can play a part, this is not what we want to rely on. The ultimate goal is engagement, not materialistic rewards. 

There are a lot of great resources and sites in the presentation for Gamification and Game-based learning. I hope you consider incorporating some gaming elements into your classroom.

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