Sunday, March 23, 2014

Geddit - Chat with Deb

Geddit is a great tool for the 1:1 or BYOD classroom.  This site makes polling your students extremely easy.  Watch this episode of Chat with Deb to see my own two sons, Ryan and Robert, use Geddit on an iPad and cell phone. 


Jacqueline Charapata said...

This is a great way to encourage all students to participate in class discussion and to monitor their learning in an interactive manner! When you used this in the classroom did you create all the questions ahead of time? I am thinking of using this do monitor comprehension during the theme reader stories in Lead 21. What do you think?

Deb Norton said...

I just used this last week in my math class to monitor students' understanding during the lesson. It worked really well! This week I created questions ahead of time for another math lesson. I'll send you the questions incase you wish to use them. I love your idea of monitoring comprehension for a story. If you create questions, perhaps you can share them with me as well. :)