Thursday, February 6, 2014

Award Badges and Motivate Your Students

This past week we started using Badges with our students.  Perhaps you were a scout and remember earning badges for your accomplishments?
This reward system has become popular online.  There are several sites for creating and rewarding badges.

Currently I am teaching a blended class using Schoology.  I've written about Schoology before here.  The class I am teaching involves teaching the students to write main idea topic sentences and detail sentences, as well as, editing and presenting skills.
In Schoology, there is a built in feature to create and award badges.  A person can also use the badges already available in Schoology.  So, last week I made some badges:

Our students are quite motivated to work hard to earn badges. One modification I will make in this course is to allow students to have several chances to earn a badge.

Here are a few other sites for creating badges for your students:

In our case we awarded badges for specific skills in a course. Other ideas for awarding badges would be for attendance, participation, honor roll, or performance tasks.

I hope you consider giving Badges a try and if you do, please share what site you used and how it went.

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