Thursday, October 17, 2013

Google Docs Research Tool, Glogster, and Common Core

This past week my students worked on a cultures project.  In our reading series we have been reading about how different cultures have unique celebrations, traditions and foods.

To extend what we read and to meet the CCSS, the students each chose a culture to research and gather information on.  We used the research tool in Google Docs to find our information and search for images.  Prior to this lesson, we did a lesson on finding reliable websites called Detecting Lies from this collection.

Watch the video to see how the research tool works.

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Click here for the Cultures Research Doc if you would like to use it in your classroom.

After the research was completed, students took the information and created a Glogster to display the information.  Here are some examples:

Our last step is that we need to link our research document to our Glogsters.  Then we plan to present them in class.  I like that this project incorporated Google Docs and the research tool as well as a multimedia Glogster.  My students LOVED using all of the technology and were enthusiastic about the project as a whole. And we worked on several CCSS.  Success!


Mrs. LeMay said...

Would you be willing to share the Google Doc you used for this research project? Thanks!

Deb Norton said...

Hi Mrs. LeMay,
I certainly will share the doc with you. :-)

I'll also post the link in the blog post. Enjoy!