Friday, August 16, 2013

Google Apps and the Common Core - Ripon Tech Academy

One of the sessions I had the pleasure of teaching at the Ripon Summer Tech Academy was a session on Google Apps and the Common Core.

One of the main parts of this session was too look at actual examples of how teachers are using Google Apps (docs, forms, drawing, presentations, and spreadsheets) to meet the CCSS.  

Feel free to take these examples and adapt them to your grade level and content area.  These examples promote collaboration, require higher level thinking and many use the new research tool.

Group Research Form
Students work collaboratively to decide on an essential research question.  They then use the research tool to find web sites that help them to collect information. And finally the students present their conclusions.

Tree Chart
Students edit this drawing to insert the topic, main idea and supporting details for a literary piece.

Students read a literary piece and then answer questions using supporting evidence and writing an answer in their own words.

Students fill in the glossary table using the research tool and in particular the dictionary tool.

Math Term Presentation
Students contribute a slide to the presentation on math terms.

Hopefully these examples inspire you to create your own activities using Google Apps to meet the CCSS.  If you would like more examples check out my presentation by clicking here.  

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