Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Intel for Education - Check it Out!

Recently I had the most amazing experience.  I interviewed for a case study with some great people at (American Institute for Research) and Intel for Education.  We had a wonderful conversation about Mobile Learning and technology integration.  

Today, I want to share with you the Intel Mobile Learning Website.  There are some great resources available for teachers on this site.

There are 3 main sections:

Each section offers informational articles and research.  For those of us that want to keep up with the pedagogy of instructional technology and mobile learning, these are very helpful and interesting reads.

Another section is called Teachers Engage.

This is a community for educators to connect.  In this section Intel also offers free webinars!  (I've posted about Simple K12's webinars before.)  As I have said time and time again, I LOVE learning through webinars.  They are such a quick and engaging way to keep up with the world of technology and education!  
Other opportunities include sharing resources, and free professional development resources.  

One more thing I am excited to look further into is Intel's new app!  
It is called Mobile Scenarios for K12 App.  This app lets you select and read real stories from educators across all grade levels and subject areas.  Find ideas and specific tools that can be used for integrating technology in your classroom!  I love how the app has teachers sharing ideas for mobile learning that they have used in their classroom.  

There is much more to explore and find on the Intel Education Mobile Learning site.  If you are looking for some great reading material, free tools and resources, and even some videos, Intel Education Mobile Learning is a wonderful site to visit! 

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