Monday, April 29, 2013

Tutorial - Create a Google Site for Literacy

Recently I shared with our staff a Google Site that I created for our literacy class.  The site incorporates screen captures from the book that we were reading and a Google Form.  The end result looks somewhat like the format that the new Smarter Balanced Assessment test will have.

The staff showed interest in learning how I created this site, so I have created a video tutorial showing what I did. Look below the video for the video content if you would like to watch a certain portion of the video.

Video Content
0:00 Introduction and sample
0:50 Create a Google Site
1:13 Select a theme for the Google Site
1:30 Change the Logo or Header
2:34 Create pages
3:18 Screen Captures using Snipping Tool (Windows 7 or later)
4:32 Insert the screen captures
5:40 Insert a Google Form

Click here to view a video tutorial on How to Create a Google Form

Thank you for watching my video.  I hope you consider creating your own Google Site for Literacy.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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