Monday, March 4, 2013

Course Director vs Schoology

As I create more and more hybrid lessons and units, it is imperative that I have a way to host my content online.  
This past year our district went with Course Director, which as you may know, is part of Google for Education.  Course Director uses
Google Sites to display all of the course content.  The quizzes are made with Google Forms and discussions are done through Google Groups.  There is also a choice to have a grade book.

This year I have created many, many Google Sites to host my math units, spelling content and others.  I also use Google Forms all the time for our quizzes.  For some reason, I haven't used the discussions or the grade book.

Here is what some of my content looks like using Course Director:
Math Unit

Science Topic

Spelling Content


I first heard about Schoology two years ago at TIES.  I used it last year for the first time.  This year I am becoming a full-time user!

Student View

Teacher View
Notice the nice interface.  I love how everything is visible, labeled, and easily accessible.  Let's take a closer look at the course I made for our math unit in the video below.

Both Course Director and Schoology offer great features as an LMS, however, I'm finding Schoology to be my favorite right now.  I appreciate the simple interface.  Having all of the course features (assignments, quizzes, discussions, files, albums) in one place makes it simple to use and set up.   By the way, Course Director has a cost per student, and Schoology is free.

I need to dive deeper into Schoology's features and possibilities, but for now, I'm loving it!

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