Monday, February 25, 2013

How I'm Getting Ready for the Smarter Balanced Assessment

The Smarter Balanced Assessment for Language Arts / Literacy requires students to read a passage and then type in a response in a text box.  Students also have to use details from the text to answer the questions.

In order to get students used to this type of assessment, I created a Google Site with a Google Form embedded below the information on the site.  Take a look:

Since this will be a little different than what my students are used to, I will model first, guide with practice and then gradually get students to feel comfortable doing this type of assessment independently.  

Click here if you would like to view my entire Google Site on the story we are reading.

In the future, I would hope to see these type of resources available from publishers.  

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Jill PBecker said...

I really like how you have taken that Smarter Balanced format to include it in what you are doing with the kids. Having to go back into the text to support an opinion or inferrence is exactly what they will need practice on - in this format! Awesome! We'll have to see how long it takes the publishers to catch up!