Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Trailers

My students made book trailers. 

I think the students did a pretty good job. Click here to take a look.  Please feel free to share this site with your students.

 How did my students and I do it?

1st -We used Google Docs to collaboratively write the text.  This was a challenge for students to get the gist of being able to write text that gives a feel for the book without giving away too much of what happens in the story.

2nd -We used an app called Drawing Pad to create our own pictures to go with the text.  Great for artistic students and allowed us not to worry about copyright.

3rd - We captured a picture of our book cover to include in our trailers.   Dropbox was the easy way for us to access our saved jpegs.

4th - We learned how to use the book trailer section of iMovie on an iPad and found this to be a great app for making a movie.

5th - I uploaded the iMovies to Vimeo (which cost me $60.00 for a yearly account.  The free account did not give me enough storage or upload room).  Vimeo is not blocked to our students, which makes it a great alternative to YouTube.

6th - I created a Google Site to host the Book Trailers.  Kathy Davis, HS Media Specialist, is working on embedding the videos into her site as well.

7th - And to advertise our trailers I created a display.  
Each book cover has a QR code that can be scanned on an iPad and will then load the book trailer video.  

Next, I plan to teach my co-teacher's group of students how to make book trailers.  I'm hoping it will help them to have some examples to look at and improve on what they see.  So, look for more trailers to come soon.


suzanne almon said...

Pretty impressive!Making Book Trailers is a great way to make reading fun!

Teacher from Hartford said...

What a great idea! Making book trailers is a great way to hook students into reading and showing them the process of publishing. Excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Making Book Trailers is an excellent way to hook students into reading and showing them how to publish books!

suzanne almon said...
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Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive Idea!Making Book Trailers is a excellent way to make reading fun!

Leanora Donofrio said...

I think the book trailer is a great idea. My class studies folktales, fables, and legends. After reading the story, the students discuss the moral or lesson and I place the book cover and message on the bulletin board. This inspires me to use a book trailer to display the information students discuss after reading one of the books from this genre.