Monday, November 26, 2012

My Story App

This past week our students read a story in which a family shares what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving.  However, there was a spin on what the family shares.  Each person had to think of a negative event and tell why they are thankful for it.  

For example, the Grandfather shared that he is thankful for Grandma singing off key, because it shows that she is happy and that he can hear.

The Dad shared that he is thankful for having to pay bills, because it means they have a nice house to live in and he has a good job to help support his family.

After we read the story, our students created three examples of negative things they are thankful for and why.  We used Google Presentations to host our text and images. 

We then used this to make a book in an app called My Story on the iPads.  My Story allows a person to record their voice with each page of the book.  It also has a very nice paint/drawing feature in it.

Here is what a story looks like:

Click below to view and listen to some of our students' books. 
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3

I highly recommend giving the iPad app My Story a try.  The cost of the app is $1.99.