Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using an iPad to Collect Information

This summer I took my son, Robert to get his braces.  In order to collect some general information from Robert, the receptionist handed him an iPad with a Google Form that was right on the home screen.  Of course I was instantly mesmerized with the idea of using a Google Form on an iPad.  It wasn't until just this weekend that I found out how the orthodontist office was able to do this neat little trick.

I was browsing through (my favorite curation site) when I came across a Snapguide (a site used to make how-to slide shows). Click here to see the Snapguide about how-to put a Google Form onto your iPad's homescreen.

This would be a nice way for students to create interview questions and then record the interview  on the iPad.  It could also be used to conduct surveys for data collection.  If I had a class set of iPads, I could have students take a quiz on the iPad.

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