Monday, August 20, 2012

Ripon Summer Tech Academy

Well, the Ripon Tech Academy sure was a great experience and I came away with so many new tools to implement this year in our classroom.

Here are a few of the best take-aways.

  • Naomi Harm is a phenomenal presenter.  She is a wealth of knowledge and I found her to be such a positive inspirational speaker.  I truly appreciated the fact that Naomi openly shared her digital tool box of resources with all of us to download and use in our profession.   If you don't currently follow Naomi on Twitter, you should start. 

  • Course Director is my new choice for hosting online classes.  It is integrated with a Google account and I am quickly seeing all of the potential of this LMS.  Check out the online lesson I created for science.  I consider this a simple version of a course.  I can't wait to delve into Google Groups for discussions and give the grade book a try as well.

  • Explain Everything might just be my new favorite way to record a Flipped lesson.  This app is worth every bit of the $2.99 cost.  I have started making videos for no reason other than to play with this amazing app.  Check out my video created with Explain Everything and then uploaded to You Tube.

  • Powtoon is a site mentioned by Naomi Harm and I have also been seeing this site mentioned by many of the bloggers that I follow.  Basically is it used to make presentations.  The presentations remind me of paper slide videos, which I've blogged about before.  Check out this video made with PowToon about Facebook.

  •  Finally, I must mention the one thing that really impressed me at the academy.  Our teachers and tech staff!  I had the chance to sit next to many different people during the week, and was amazed at the level of knowledge and willingness that our staff has for integrating technology.  I LOVE it!  And our technology staff is the best of the best.  Thanks for all you do.

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