Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sites for Collaboration

My students are getting quite good at collaboration.  They have improved their skills of working together and sharing via web 2.0 tools.  Here are some of the sites we use regularly to collaborate.

Wallwisher - collaborate with an online virtual sticky note maker.  Incorporate text, audio, links and video.


Corkboardme - a lot like Wallwisher.  No login or account needed.  Very easy to share.

Google Docs - the best online collaboration tool.  Work in real time and share easily.

Today's Meet -my favorite back channel (chat room).  Completely private and simple to start.  My students beg me to use this tool.

Typewithme - a lot like Google Docs.  Easy to set up and share.  Create in real time.

Skype - collaborate with others across the country and world through video conferencing.  My students really want their own Skype accounts.  

Do you have a favorite tool for collaboration with your students?  Please share with all of us.

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