Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Sites for Creating Slide Shows

Creating slide shows is a great way to show what is happening in our classroom.  It is also a really neat way for students to show what they have learned.

Today I am sharing two sites for creating a slideshow that you may not have heard of. 

The first is called One True Media.  This site offers a free version for slideshows that are 30 seconds or less in length.  This was a bit frustrating for me since I could only include half of the pictures that I wanted to and I had to change the duration of the pictures to fit within the 30 second time frame.  Otherwise this site was simple to use and I let the site do all of the work.  Many of the features needed a premium account to work, such as using a theme.

Here is my video of our Christmas party using One True Media.

The other slideshow creator is called Vuvox.  This was extremely simple to use and I like the way that the pictures play across and allow a person to move the pictures as fast or slow as they want to using the scroll bar under the slideshow.  Vuvox let me to use all of my pictures without needing a premium account.  It also had an option to include music with the video, however, I didn't take the time to upload any. Vuvox has 3 different ways that a person can create a slideshow.  I tried the collage for this sample:

I would like to try using both of these sites soon.  This will require making accounts for each of our students. Taking digital pictures and using them in a slideshow is a great way for our students to use technology.  When we do, I will share what they create.

If you give either of these sites a try, let me know what you think of them.  

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