Monday, December 5, 2011

Stained Glass Art Project

This is a tutorial on how to make a stained glass art design.

Stained Glass Art Project

Step 1 -Using the flat side of a small piece of chalk, make a frame around the outside of a piece of black paper.         

Step 2 – Using the flat side of the chalk, draw a simple shape inside of the frame.  Then connect the shape to the frame in 3 to 4 places, again using the flat side of the chalk.

Step 3 – Cut out everything that isn’t chalk.  Slightly bend the paper to make a small cut in order to get started with your scissors. (see step 5)

Step 4 – Trace around all of the areas that you cut out on the second sheet of black paper.  Use paperclips if you don’t want the two pieces of paper to move.  

Step 5 – Cut out the same areas as on the first sheet.  To make it easier, fold the paper to make a slit that you can put your scissors through to start cutting.

Step 6 – Place two sheets of white paper behind the sheet with the chalk marks.  Make sure the chalk side is facing you!!!

Step 7 – Place a piece of tissue paper over one open section of the design.  Trace onto the tissue paper larger than the opening and then cut out the section of tissue paper.

Step 8 Continue to trace and cut out pieces of tissue paper for each section.

Step 9 – Carefully put a very thin line of glue around a section and then place the tissue paper on the section.  Do not use too much glue.

Step 10 – Continue to glue down each section of tissue paper.

Step 11 – Put glue around each part of the frame where there is chalk and carefully place the second frame on top. 
Hang these up in a sunny window for a stained glass effect.

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