Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Five Blogs That I Follow

I have a total of 168 blogs that I follow every day through my Google Reader.  I add new blogs every week, but try to be picky about what I follow to keep it manageable.  Today I am going to share my pick for the top 5 blogs that I just can't do without!  These are well known blogs that have received awards and are very popular.  These bloggers inspire me daily to keep my own blog going.

Free Technology for Teachers is written by Richard Byrne and read by a daily audience of 30,000 subscribers.  The purpose of this site is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.  Richard is a Google Certified Teacher.  Richard's full-time job is teaching US History and Civics in a high school in Maine.  

Cool Cat Teacher is written by Vicki Davis. Vicki Davis is a teacher and the IT director in Camilla, Georgia.  My favorite thing about Cool Cat Teacher is the Daily Education & Technology News for Schools.  This blog keeps me up-to-date on the latest technology news.

Teachers Love SMART Boards  is written by James (Jim) Hollis.  Jim is a professional development specialist for SMART Board users.  He lives in Aurora, Illinois.  Some of the teachers at MPES and Quest have taken his Teacher Online Training courses for the Smart Board, including myself.  Jim's blog gives ideas to use on the Smart Board as well as Notebook files that can be downloaded right onto your computer.  My favorite posts are those that show a new technique to try on the Smart Board, since I love creating new pages.  I have other blogs I follow for the Smart Board as well if you're interested.


Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day is written by Larry Ferlazzo.  He teaches Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners in Sacramento, California.  Larry is a guru at collecting websites in all areas in education.  I usually find myself spending a ridiculous amount of time on the Best of Series portion of his blog.   If I need resources for a lesson, I will find ideas on this blog.  Larry does an amazing job of keeping his blog current.  He also loves to share sites that cover the most recent world events and news.

How-To Geek To be honest, I don't know who writes this blog.  I do know that the author lives in Virginia.  This blog is purely for my techy side.  The purpose of the How-To Geek blog is to be the best source of How-To articles anywhere, with content easy enough for beginners but useful enough for geeks as well.  This site helps me to solve technical problems when I can't figure something out.  I have used the forum on this blog to ask questions.  Yes, it is a bit geeky, but I am ok with that.

Wow!  That was really tough to limit myself to only 5 blogs.  There are so many other amazing bloggers out there, I feel like I am cheating you all out of knowing the other 165 blogs that I follow.     

If you have a blog that you follow and really enjoy, please let us know about it by leaving a comment.  Thank you!

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