Thursday, November 11, 2010

Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide!

This is a useful site called FactDash.  The nice thing about FactDash is that is allows the player to set up the exact type of practice they need.  Take a look at these screen shots:

 Choose your operation or combination of operations.

 Choose the numbers to work on.

 Choose whether to be timed or not, and for how long.

To answer a problem, just click on the digit(s) and click on "ok".

 When you are done see your results and print out the results if you'd like!
Special Note:  students can type their name in before printing!
I like the idea of students printing out or showing the teacher their results.  It holds them accountable for trying hard and not just guessing or goofing around.  I also like that each student can set the drill to work on their particular needs.  Let me know what you think of FactDash!

Janet also shared this site with me this week.  It is great for learning and practicing your times tables.

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