Monday, March 20, 2017

Three Clever Tech Ideas - My PLN Cares Enough to Share

- Sharing is Caring -

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As I follow blogs and posts from my PLN, I often think, "Oh, I have to share these ideas with my colleagues!" Well, today I'm doing just that. Here are some great posts from EDU folks that I follow. They share their ideas, knowledge and creations without hesitation to help us all be better and more efficient at what we do.
I truly appreciate their Sharing is Caring attitude.

#1 Google Classroom Speed Grading via Lance Yoder -

Would you like to see a quicker and more efficient way of grading student work in Google Classroom all the while still being able to leave feedback?
Check out this video and this blog post

#2 How to Add Music to Google Slides via Richard Byrne - Free Technology for Teachers

What a great idea to have music playing in a Google Presentation. This post and video shows a great work around to make this possible.

#3 Black Out Poetry with Google Docs via Eric Curts - Control Alt Achieve

Do you plan to have your students give Black Out Poetry a try for poetry month in April? This post and video show us a really neat way to do Black Out Poetry with Google Docs.

Thank you so much Lance Yoder, Richard Byrne and Eric Curts. You folks set the example that each of us should follow to share what we know and create to help educators everywhere. And ultimately to help students benefit from your sharing is caring attitude. 

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