Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If You Like Google Keep, You're Really Going to LOVE This!

Google Keep Now Integrates with Google Docs!

One of my very favorite things to do is make lists. Grocery lists, wish lists, list of goals, reading lists, lists of apps, bucket lists, etc.

Google Keep has been my go to app for list making for quite a while now. If you haven't tried Google Keep yet, I highly recommend you open a new tab and go to right this minute. And then start making a new list such as this one.

Google Keep has many great features. One is that you can use the app on your iPhone or Android device to access and edit your notes at any time.

If you make your list a checklist you can tap the check boxes and the items will be marked as completed and will be moved to the bottom of the note. 
When you click on the three dots there is the option to uncheck the completed items or to delete them along with several other options.

Other features include
Color your note

Set a reminder

Collaborate with others on your note

Add images

Pin the note so it will stay 
at the top of your feed.

Archive the note

**Breaking News**

Google just announced that Google Keep is now integrated with Google Docs. Here is how it works.

If you make a list in a Google Doc and you wish to save it to Google Keep, simply highlight the list and right click on the list. Then choose "Save to Keep Notepad".  

When you view those notes in Google Keep, they will include a link back to the document in which they were created.

Another option:
Click on Tools and Keep Notepad. From the right side pane, click and drag any of your notes onto your Google Doc. 

Google Keep integrating with Google Docs gives users the opportunity to work more efficiently and seamlessly within the Google Suite.  Have you used Google Keep? What do you think of the new Google Doc integration?


jlkautz said...

I had learned about Google Keep about 6 months ago. I like it but haven't made a point of using it because it was an 'extra' step. Now I hope to use it more. I think having it accessible will help both students and teachers alike.

Minal Kapoor said...

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