Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3 Fantastic Features of Google Sheets

Google Sheets has some new updates and great features

Google sheets can be used for many options beyond just collecting and displaying data. I have used Google sheets for displaying information such as this example. And it is also a great tool for creating rubrics like this one. 

Here are some features that I've used in the above examples.

1.  Rotated Text 

To rotate text, simply select the cell or cells you wish to rotate and click on the text rotation icon in the top tool bar. You can even choose the degree that you wish to rotate.

2.  More border styles
You can now choose from several new border styles including thicknesses and double borders.
Simply choose the cell or cells you want to add borders to and click on the borders icon.

3.  Link to cells and cell ranges

This feature makes it possible to move around a spreadsheet by linking to cells or a cell range. This would be helpful also to make a table of contents on a spreadsheet. 

To link to a cell or range of cells, simply right click on the cell and then choose Insert link or Get link to this range. 

Watch this tutorial to see linking in action.

I really enjoy playing around with all of the great features available in Google Sheets. And I love that I can use this app for more than just collecting and displaying data. 

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