Saturday, June 4, 2016

Learning with Data - Chat with Deb

Chat with Deb

about Learning with Data - 

Working with big data is a 21st Century skill that many employers are looking for. Data is all around us, and using big data to determine programs and the future of education is prevalent in education today.

In this video blog, I share several great resources and sites for using with students of all ages to teach them how to find, chart, graph, analyze and interpret large data.  If you are interested in a specific tool or site, look at the timestamp below the video.

0:28 - Knoema- A Data Atlas for finding large data
2:13 - Create a Graph - an awesome tool for entering data to make a graph or chart
3:32 - A New Feature: Insert charts and graphs in Google Docs and Presentations
5:23 - Wolfram Alph - A Computational Search Engine - The search results are interesting and graphically displayed
7:08 - Fusion Chart - Charts made with Java Script
8:17 - Data Stories Podcast- Podcasts are my new jam

Here is the presentation:

Which of these tools or sites would you use to incorporate learning with data in your classroom? Do you have a site you like for incorporating data and graphing to teach big data?

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