Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BreakoutEDU - Your Students and Staff Will Love This!

Unlock the Potential With BreakoutEDU

Incase you haven't heard or experienced this new educational phenomenon, here are the details and an explanation.

What is BreakoutEDU?
BreakoutEDU is a game. It involves students finding and solving clues to be able to unlock locks on a box. Once the locks are all unlocked, the students are rewarded with a prize of some sort in the box. It sounds really simple, right? 

Why should you do the BreakoutEDU challenge?
The real prize is that in order to solve the clues, students have to use critical thinking skills and they have to work together to unlock the locks. The best part is there are many BreakoutEDU challenges already created and ready to use in your classroom.  

Where do I get the BreakoutEDU materials?
Everything you need to run a BreakoutEDU challenge in your classroom can be found at The site will guide you through four steps.  The kit, which includes the box, locks, a hasp, a flashdrive, a UV flashlight, and an invisible ink pen can be purchased for $99. There is also the option to purchase the materials on

Additional Resources
  • There is a wonderful Facebook group for BreakoutEDU where people share their knowledge and ideas. 
  • The challenges all come with an explanation video which walks you through the challenge step by step to help you prepare and set up each game.  
  • To access the challenges, a person needs to know the password. This is provided to you when you complete the form to sign up on the website. 
  • Here is a video:

I hope you consider looking into using BreakoutEDU in your classroom or with your staff. Your students or staff will not be disappointed and you will enjoy the benefits of team building and higher level order thinking.

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