Monday, March 7, 2016

Concrete Poetry Sites - This Is So Much Fun!

Poetry Month is Right Around the Corner

Are you getting ready for Poetry Month in April? If so, I have some resources to share with you for creating concrete poems. Concrete poems are words written in a shape to convey a poem. They look like this:

Recently I went on a mission to search for a site to use with a fellow colleague and her students. They wanted to make concrete poetry on their Chromebooks.

There aren't many sites that allow the user to actually write words into any shape.

 There is the Read, Write, Think interactive for Theme Poetry.  Here is what it looks like. The words can be added inside of a shape. The interactive guides students through the writing process

There is a site from where a person can choose a shape or draw one of their own and add words inside of the shape. There are word banks to choose from or a person can type in their own words to add to the shape. I like that adding words is as simple as click and drag for young learners.

My favorite site that I found for creating concrete poems is from Don't judge a site by it's interesting name. This site offers many resources and interactives for students, which they call writing gizmos.  One of the writing gizmos is called Visual Poetry, which allows a person to enter text and then draw any shape with that text. 

Before launching the Visual Poetry interactive, it helps to read the directions on how to use it.  Once you know the basics, this site is simple to use.

Watch this video of me creating a simple image using the Visual Poetry Interactive.

This is by far the best digital creation site for creating a concrete poem.  Do you have a favorite site for creating poetry? If so, please share with us. 

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