Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Finals Week!

Give Your Students a Break During Finals Week

And Be Prepared for Cheating

Finals can be taxing and exhausting for our students. Here are some ideas on how to help students with anxiety and to give the students some brain breaks throughout the week. 

5 Ways For Teachers to Chillax Students on Test Day

Pen Flipping Brain Break

Hand Shake Brain Break

Waiter Brain Break

And here is a video about. . . 

7 Ways Kids Cheat and 7 Ways to Stop Them

Hopefully these resources help you and your students during finals week and may you not have any cheaters.

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Naomi Harm said...

Kuddos to you Deb Norton- love, love, love seeing the brain breaks built in to refresh and inspire our students engaging minds! I am gong to watch each of these videos and try one new idea with my tech leadership group on Wednesday of this week. Thanks for the inspiration!!!! Happy Monday.