Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Personal Story - My Healthy Journey of 2015

Even though this is an educational technology blog, I've decided to take a different approach with this post and share a personal use of technology. 

At the beginning of the new year, 2015, I made a life change. I decided to start eating better and making my health a priority. My motivation came from losing a close family member to alcohol and overeating. At that time, I realized that I wanted to get back in control and try to change my habits.

Here is a picture of me in December of 2014:

And here is a picture of me today, December 2015:

Technology helped me to take on the health challenge in several ways and if sharing some of these sites and tools helps others, I'll feel so happy.

I joined an online community of other people who encouraged and motivated me to eat well. I do not promote a certain kind of diet or eating. This is just what worked for me. Diabetes runs in my family, and I knew that cutting out sugar and carbohydrates would be the right decision for me. Just reading posts from others who are having the same struggles and successes as I am is a huge support.

This site saved me from getting stuck in a rut and eating the same thing every day, which has been part of the difficulty in the past. By searching for sugar-free / low carb foods, I found and collected many great recipes that I love and treasure. Here is my collection of low sugar / low carb foods that I have tried and are delicious!

These two apps have been a daily go to.  I use My Fitness Pal to log what I eat and see the nutritional value of any recipes that I make. PopWeight helps me to track my weight every day and visually shows me how I am doing.

Online shopping
I found a few great sites for ordering foods that are low in sugar and help with my cravings or sweet tooth. Netrition (this site has low carb bread and also has great recipes), Labrada (I buy my protein shakes here) and Amazon (I ordered this ice cream maker and it has been heavenly this year).  I do spend a bit more money on food, but then I have to weigh that against being healthy. I think it is worth it.

A few other changes that I have made is to put eating healthy first. I used to eat in order to please other people like at a party or holiday celebration. I now realize that eating healthy is a personal choice I am making and I try to focus on the idea of spending quality time with others when with my friends instead of food.

I also am working on finding a balance between work and home. This is very important to me and has made a difference in my quality of life and health. 

And finally, I choose to spend time with the people in my life who are supportive, kind, thoughtful and understanding. There are always those people who are negative, hurtful or untrustworthy. I am choosing to politely keep my distance.  

I pray every morning that I will be able to continue eating healthy and having the will power and motivation to continue this healthy journey. Sometimes life can get in the way, but I believe in myself and my determination, and that is what is most important.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope by writing this personal story I can help others who are going through a challenge. Perhaps technology can also be helpful to them in a personal way.  


Lisa Wing said...

Thanks for sharing! It takes a lot of courage to share this!! Keep up the great work and you look marvelous. We have a lot of things in common and should talk some time!

Trina Haase said...

Good for you, Deb! I noticed that you had lost a significant amount of weight last time I say you! You look amazing!

Houa Vang said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I am extremely proud of you. I know of many people including myself that are looking for change to be healthier! Thank you again for your story.

Rachel Brick said...

Way to go, Deb! It's hard work to change what we are so accustomed to doing.

Rachel Brick said...

Way to go, Deb! You look great and I bet you feel great too. Thanks for sharing!

Naomi Harm said...

Deb I am so thankful you have shared your personal story with all of us. You are such a motivating and inspirational friend and I will be tapping into some of your suggestions to see what works best for my lifestyle. My goal would be to lose those 20 pounds as I did 18 months ago during our life changing situation in our family, but this time not due to stressful reasons- for healthy choice reasons. Jeff and I are so very proud of you and WE LOVE YOU!!!

Erik Hanson said...

Well done Deb. This isn't an easy feat...to change a lifestyle or maintain a healthy lifestyle in our world today.

I would like to post another resource for people if folks might be interested in reading a book about sugar (one of the ingredients you mentioned in your post).

Fat Chance:  Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity and

I checked this book out from the public library this past summer...definitely has helped me understand the science of what food is doing to our bodies and how we can be more strategic about eating for our health.

Thanks for sharing your story with resources for others.

Agnieszka Salter said...

Thank you Deb .... You are an inspiration and incredible person! I am blessed an honor to know you and be part of your pln. I struggle so much with the family/work balance and have tried surrounding myself by positive ppl that make me better .... It is one of the most challenging things ...,, but your post inspires me to continue the fight. Thank you and happy holidays.

Agnieszka Salter said...

Thank you Deb! You are an inspiration in everything you do and amazing role model! I am so honored to be part of your pln. I have struggled lately with surrounding myself by ppl that are positive and make me better it's hard to let go of old friends that bring you down .....,,

Matthew Mineau said...

So proud of you! Your story will create an environment that motivates many. Thank you for sharing and keep moving forward.

Bill Raudabaugh said...

Nice Job Deb! I can contest that you stay true to what you have been doing all year long whenever we meet or have conventions we go to together. I know you will continue to improve your health and am happy for you! My wife got me a Fitbit for Christmas, and I´m pretty excited. I hope it motivates me to get more active and be aware of my own health this upcoming year. Have a great break! See you in 2016!