Friday, November 20, 2015

Help, I need to Cram!

Cram is a Flashcard Creation Site with Some Terrific Features!

Do your students a favor and introduce them to this site.

Students appreciate using applications that help them study for tests, quizzes and to help them memorize.  And they are especially interested when the application includes a gaming feature!!

Cram is a site that was shared with me by one of my colleagues (Thank you Catherine Wood!) who has been using Cram in her Spanish classes.

Cram is appealing, simple and can be used on a browser or as an app.

Here are some great features:
  • Browse Cram for premade and ready to use flashcard sets. 

 It is obvious that Cram is quite popular and well used!

  • Create a flashcard set from scratch or import a set from a file or from Google Docs

  • Use shortcuts to practice the flashcards, with the ability for hints and text to speech.

  • Use the Memorize tab to keep track of your progress. Keep practicing the facts you need to work on.

  • Use the Test tab to test yourself with a matching exercise.

  • Use the Games tab to pay two challenging games with the content you are studying.  These games are really great! They make the learning entertaining and are similar to modern games that are played today on social media.

I highly recommend using Cram with your students. They will appreciate the different ways to study the flashcards and also the games that will make the learning more fun.

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