Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Social Media - Videos for Digital Cititzenship

October is Digital Citizenship Month

As a technology integration specialist, I am often asked to find resources for classroom teachers on Digital Citizenship. Below is a collection of videos that specifically cover Digital Citizenship and Social Media.  

Talking to students about their behavior online is very important to me. I know first hand with my own two sons, ages 15 and 17, that kids need direction and reminders of how they behave, not only online but in any social situation, including the classroom, in public and online.

Here are four excellent resources for the classroom and for parents to help talk to students about Digital Citizenship and Social Media.

Hashtag, You're It shows the consequences of giving away your location and personal information using hashtags in social media. It's amazing that the people in the video are shocked by how much the host of the video knows about them when he approaches them.

Kindness and thoughtfulness should be expected not just in our classrooms, but also in social media. 
Facebook, YouTube, Texting: Rules of the Road for Kids is a Common Sense Media video of kids talking about the consequences of their unkind and hurtful actions in social media. 

You Can't Take it Back is a real life story from  which tells the story of a teen who regrets his participation on a website created to rate others at his school.  I've noticed, when I go into classrooms, how common it is for students to play pranks on one another or to make fun of their peers. I always take the time to have a conversation with students when I see this happening.

A spoken word film called "Look Up" shows the consequences of letting our devices distract us from what is happening in our world. I often talk to students about not letting their phones and Chromebooks from becoming such a distraction that they miss what is happening right in front of them.

I hope you can take some time this month to talk to your students and children about Digital Citizenship and being safe online.

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