Friday, February 20, 2015

Thematic - Create a Visual Presentation Simply

Thematic is a really neat way to create a very simple presentation with photos and text.

Click here to see my presentation.

Just scroll down when you get there.

It just doesn't get any easier.

I started by signing up for an account.

I then clicked on Create a Story

From there I was able to choose whether I wanted to bring in pictures from my Dropbox account or from my computer.

I used a folder from my Dropbox of a school in Middleton, Wisconsin that I had saved pictures of their 21st century design.

Once the pictures were uploaded, which was super fast, I added text to each of the pictures.

I was able to choose the color of the text, but it was limited to white or grey scale.

When I had finished the story, I had the option to make it public or private.

Sharing is simple. Email, social networks, embed or just copy the link.

I created my story in just a few minutes.

The story is saved in my profile.

There are many stories to explore on the site.

If you are looking for a very simple way to share a story in pictures and text, I highly recommend Thematic.

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